Welcome to Daughters of Africa International, Inc. an NGO established in 1997, to empower and support the smooth integration of African women and their families into the Canadian society.

"Leaders in Women's Empowerment"

Some members of DOA at the Regina 2008 YWCA Award night - DOA won the award in the teamwork category.

Members of the organization are drawn from all African countries and any other women who share our core values, our committments and vision. We are very diverse in our cultures and outlook and there in lies our strength. In celebrating each others' cultures, we gain a better understanding of our socio-economic systems, our faiths, and our emotions. Our commitment to empower each other in our immediate circle of influence and further afield is based on the premise that if we know our stories and are able to identify with each others? circumstances, then we see more clearly and are able to empower ourselves and other women in a well defined, structured and constructive manner.It was from hearing such stories that the organization was formed to empower African Canadian women here in Saskatchewan. Have we met this objective?