About Daughters of Africa Intl., Inc.

"Leaders in Women's Empowerment"
Daughters of Africa International Incoprporated is a non-profit organization started thirteen years ago to improve and empower the lives of immigrant women of African descent in Saskatchewan Canada. Within the organization our commitment has expanded way beyond our initial charter. Learn more...

Our History

A hand ful of very resourceful and committed ladies met 13 years ago to set up a means of empowering women like themselves. Learn more...

Our Commitment

Dedicated to empowering women firstly in our immediate environment, in Africa and elsewhere, secondly, we take the overall sustainability of our projects as an evaluation of our success. Learn more...

Our Leaders

Our leaders through the years have been leaders committed to bringing empowerment and sustained change to women in Saskatchewan and in Africa. We have had six Presidents in the 13 years of our existence. The first President is Rebecca Otitoju, 1997-99. Next came Grace Ngoka 1999-2001. The third president is May Buwembo who took over from Grace in the fall of 2001-2003. Alero Jarikre became president in 2003 and stayed for two terms until 2007. Christine Lwanga took over from Alero in 2007 but had to leave to pursue a Ph D in Winnipeg only a year and a half into her term of office. Alero Jarikre agreed to act as president until the next election. Learn more...

Our Awards

Since it's creation Daughters of Africa International incorporated has been focused on empowering and improving the lives of women... and we are always delighted when our work is recognised by our peers. Learn more...

Corporate Governance

The need to be accountable in our mandate to reach out to more and more women to empower them for a meaningful life in whatever socio-economic circumstances they may find themselves has led us on a long search for a model of Corporate Governance that is best suited to our diversity as a people yet be within the bounds of laid down governance rules. Learn more...

Our Projects

In working with the issues that we considered central to the development and empowerment of women both here in Canada and in Africa, we identified several routes through which the desired changes are to be delivered;



Christine Lwanga
The fifth president, Christine Lwanga took DOA to even greater heights. Her uncompleted term in office saw DOA's involvement in many provincial,national and international work
Alero Jarikre
During the term of the 4th president, Alero Jarikre, the organization began to look to more meaningful ways of empowering women. Her term saw the start of international work
May Buwembo
Following closely in the footsteps of her predecessor, May took the organization to yet greater heights. The young organization had stabilized and its continued growth assured
Grace Ngoka
Another pioneer, Grace also had to nuture and guide the young organization in its infancy.once again we duff our hats Grace
R ebecca Otitoju had the unenviable task of establishing and nuturing the organization in its infancy. But for pioneers like her who not only volunteered their time but motivated and encouraged others to join in the charity work, we would'nt have come this far, To Rebecca we duff our hats