About Daugthers of Africa International Inc.

Leaders in Women's Empowerment

Daughters of Africa International Inc. was founded in 1997, in Regina SK., Canada to support and address integration issues of African-Canadian women. By the 10th year of its operation DOA's work has expanded to include an international perspective rooted in gender equality, empowerment and development. In 2008 the organization changed its name to Daughters of Africa International Inc. and its operations includes a strong youth program under the acronym Y~DOA International. In 2006 under the leadership of Elaine McNeill, Daughters of Africa carried out a highly successful HIV/AIDS program in Malawi, Uganda and Ghana.
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This project was funded by CIDA over a two year period. In 2007, Daughters of Africa InternationalIncorporated received funding for the Expression of Interest category of the Literacy program of the SaskSmart Innovations Fund of Saskatchewan to do a needs assessment in our community for Literacy.

This work was done by a committee of four dedicated members and a non member, Diane Lemon who graciously volunteered her time and home for the meeting to plan. Through this needs assessment and the resulting gap-analysis we received Government funding (SaskSmart Innovations Fund) for a year to start our
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In the twelve years of our existence we have had five presidents, Women of vision and action. Their combined
efforts have brought us to the enviable standing of our Organization.